Re: FW: Has the (Ohio) ACLU gone over to the Dark Side?

From: Barbara Simons <simons_at_acm_dot_org>
Date: Fri Jul 30 2004 - 13:31:24 CDT

There was a draft position paper circulating a few months ago that was
pretty pro-DRE and anti-paper. I can send you a copy if you haven't seen
it. The CA ACLU position is an improvement, but it's still pretty pathetic.
For example, when discussing VV, they talk about DREs, but not about optical
scan systems.

And the ACLU move to eliminate punch card machines has resulted in the
premature purchase of DREs in several CA counties because of the ACLU
lawsuit. And it sounds as if the ACLU is doing the same thing in Ohio.

As a lifelong ACLU member, I find what is happening with the ACLU to be very
distressing. But it's understandable, because they don't have anyone with
real technical expertise in a policy making position, at least when it comes
to voting.


On 7/30/04 11:24, "Charlie Strauss" <> wrote:

> I have it on good authority that the ACLU national's position, at least
> internally, is that punch cards must go but they do not recommend any
> particular replacement technology. that is they are not pro touch
> screen, though privately they may tell you that voter supression is a
> bigger issue than voting technology and touch screens might reduce vote
> supression if they are accessible. So any place where there is no
> alternative to punchcards is going to be ripe for ACLU ire. its not
> inconsistent with the CA ACLU position since there there are no punch
> cards in CA. In NM, they wont take a stand (yet) against touchscreens
> since they dont want to raise that issue above others.
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