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Date: Thu Jul 01 2004 - 06:55:35 CDT

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Subject: [utahcountvotes] July 1st Utah Voting Equipment Selection Cmte

> Hi Everyone,
> Exciting things are happening.
> WHEN: July 1st, 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. 240 W Main St., Price, Utah
> WHAT: Last scheduled Utah Voting Equipment Selection Cmte meeting before
> the tentatively scheduled July 7 release date of Utah's RFP for voting
> equipment. It is not a public hearing but we can go listen and find out
> what is going on in the committee a lot better than from its sketchy
> meeting minutes
> http://www.elections.utah.gov/VotingEquipmentSelectionCommittee.htm
> ORGANIZE: Anyone who would like to carpool down to Price from Summit
> County or Salt Lake please email me kathy@directell.com If you are coming
> to Price please print one copy of Myth Breakers report each (I've got one
> ready) http://www.votersunite.org/takeaction/mythbreakers.pdf and perhaps
> we'll get a chance before or after the meeting to briefly speak with
> committee members and give them a copy, and to personally request another
> public hearing.
> WHEN: July 13th 11:00 a.m.
> WHAT: Computer Ate My Vote day
> WHERE: Capitol Steps
> WHO: Nationally known Alan Dechert, founder of OpenVotingConsortium.org a
> nationwide project of colleges and universities collaborating to develop a
> more secure, less expensive, open source voting system for America is
> speaking.
> WHO ELSE: Matt Wood, award-winning LINUX developer and a University of
> Utah Computer Science professor (which one is not known yet) will also
> give brief statements.
> Alan is the best speaker on this subject in America today and he has been
> written about in numerous magazine articles and been on many panels.
> INVITEES: All Gubernatorial and US Senatorial and US House candidates,
> all members of the Utah Voting Equipment Selection Committee and Utah's
> Governor and Lt. Governor are invited to attend, learn, give statements on
> their positions and answer questions if they chose to.
> We need to reimburse Alan Dechert's travel expenses from California to
> I could use help notifying press if you have experience or contacts amoung
> Utah's TV, radio, or newspaper stations. We have a great press release
> that I have been working on for three days with help from several others,
> and we have an invitation, so please email me if you can help even just
> with one media outlet as they all have to be contacted more than once and
> some of them at different times than others. kathy@directell.com
> We may also need someone to do crowd control as we need to keep spectators
> separate from invitees, speakers and press on the Capitol steps.
> I will have about 25 T-shirts to sell for a donation to pay for some
> expenses. If anyone would like a copy of the image to make signs or other
> T-shirts, or promote this event, let me know and I will email it to you.
> Thank you very much in advance for your help.
> If you cannot attend either event, you may choose to help
> 1. by printing out petitions and getting them signed and let me know when
> you have some signatures please so we can add peoples' email addresses to
> our list. http://www.verifiedvoting.org/petition/
> 2. by contacting your local County Clerk and taking them Mythbreakers
> report from http://votersunite.org
> http://elections.utah.gov/countyclerks.html
> 3. by emailing or contacting the Utah Voting Equipment Office and asking
> for another public hearing elections@utah.gov or
> http://elections.utah.gov/bid%20committee%20news%20release.pdf
> 4. by calling or writing Utah's US Senators or US House members and asking
> them to pass S1980 or HR2239 and ask them to extend the HAVA (Help America
> Vote Act) deadlines to allow states until January 2007 to receive HAVA
> funds for upgrading their voting equipment to give time to perfect
> comuterized voting systems with a voter verified paper trail and public
> programming instructions.
> Thank you very much.
> --
> Kathy Dopp
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