Re: CPAN 2 Election Security Testimony in Congress

From: David Mertz <voting-project_at_gnosis_dot_cx>
Date: Thu Jul 08 2004 - 13:52:43 CDT

On Jul 8, 2004, at 2:18 PM, David Jefferson wrote:
> I have not seen the CSPAN show you are referring to, but I would
> love to. If anyone has a pointer to where I could see it I'd be
> grateful.

I could not find a link at the CSPAN site to an archive video. They
seem to provide those only selectively.

I'm not sure, actually, which committee this was before. I guess
whichever one Rep. Ney chairs. I guess you can figure it out from
that, maybe on the Congressional website.

Does anyone on-list have real video duplication equipment, or access to
it. I -do- own two VCRs (currently on different floors of the house),
so could rig something up. But I imagine other equipment would copy
better and quicker. If anyone can make VCR copies for David Jefferson
(and others who might request them), let me know, I'll mail you my
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