Re: Alternate low-cost platform for OVC

From: charlie strauss <cems_at_earthlink_dot_net>
Date: Wed Jul 07 2004 - 14:17:53 CDT

> p.s. I still think palm pilot-like devices plugged into
> full-sized screens and keyboards are the way to go due
> simplification of robustness in rough handling, battery
> operation, transport, storage, and physical security.

>Why would a handheld give better physical security than any other
>computer? Do you mean that you can lock more of them up in a
>given volume?

. I've mentioned this at length here before. But basically, you could distribute the devices for most cities in a single vehicle with cerified guards the day before an election. At present most election systems are distribute about a week before and the security is basically the lock on the janitor's closet. Distributing them is very expensive and takes many trucks and truckers, and security has been an issue there (e.g. the famous Hooters incident in new mexico, in which escorts did not ride with the truckers so the truckers went to hooters got hammered, left the machines ungaurded. they were later caught when the truck crashed, turns out neither had licenses, and theycould not explain where they had taken the machines when they were caught). The computers get destroyed by rough handling or worse malfunction on election day. Distributing a dozen palm-pilot-like devices locked in a sealed metal shoe box means the devices are significantly more secure at all times, in the warehouse, in the truck, in th
e school house, and on voting day, and on the way back. Distributing 50% more of them would not take extra work so spares woul dbe on hand. The palms themselves are resistant to droppage, moisture, and heat. Consider that in Louisianna their election machines suffered a 66% failure rate one election due to the ambient heat. (That was the reason the SOS gave for junking the ES&S brand machines).

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