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The capacity of a DVD depends on two things: the physical capacity of the
disk and the cleverness of the encoder.

DVD-R's are single layer, so they have 1/2 the capacity of pressed DVD's.
Yes, there are now a few double layer DVD-R units announced, but I sure
don't own one. :-)

The encoder in iMovie isn't terribly clever (though it is quite fast), and
it can only deliver 1 hour of video on a DVD-R. The encoder in Final Cut Pro
is more clever, and can pack 2 hours of video onto a DVD-R.

The other alternative is to encode the video as data files (e.g. MOV, AVI)
to distribute on a CD or DVD. MPEG4 video (e.g. DivX) is quite good, and you
could fit two hours of decent video onto a CD. The drawback is that you
could only play that video on a computer with the appropriate software
installed, which is a lot more involved than playing a DVD.

If the goal is to be able to hand someone a disk and have them play it, I'd
suggest that a DVD-R is the way to go, since it'll play in DVD players,
computers, etc.

If someone can get me the video in a digital format (like a DV tape) I can
burn it onto a DVD. Heck, if someone can provide some graphics, I could even
make a _nice_ looking DVD.

- LP

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At 11:39 PM -0400 7/8/04, David Mertz wrote:
>On Jul 8, 2004, at 11:11 PM, Arthur Keller wrote:
>>3 hours of video won't fit on a CD-R but will fit on 3 DVD(-R)'s.
>>One of these days, I plan to hook up my VCR to my Mac, but I
>>haven't done it yet.
>That doesn't seem quite right. I've rented regular movies that are
>3 hours and fit on 1 DVD. Why should I need 3 of them for NTSC?

Movies often use double layers that a Mac can't do in burning.
Typically I've gotten 1 hour of DV onto one DVD. Being that the
source is VHS-NTSC, it's possible to do this with lower resolution.
I don't have a way to input VHS-NTSC directly into my Mac other than
through a DV camera.

>But the video wouldn't need to be full resolution, necessarily. The
>3.5 minute clip I put on my site was 20 MB at the small size.
>Hmmm... 50 times that is about 1 GB, so that's a little more than a
>CD. Actually, though, I just fast forwarded the tape (I hadn't
>watched the whole thing), and it's actually just over 2 hours. So
>we're right about at CD capacity.
>Still, a DVD might be better to hand around. It'll play in regular
>players, not just on computers. I don't have a DVD burner though...
>if someone wants to do that...

It might be possible to place it all on one DVD, but I don't have the
capacity for that. Likely can be done on two DVDs if about 2 hours.

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