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From: erik hopp <ehopp_at_hampshire_dot_edu>
Date: Mon Jul 12 2004 - 00:50:43 CDT

comments below...

Nathan L. Adams wrote:

> Suggestion: Drop the fixed-px-width assumption from ovc.css (don't hard code
> page widths).
> Reasoning: People use different sized monitors with different resolutions. For
> people with higher resolutions, letting the content flow to the far right
> edge means the content farther down the page is more likely to be viewable
> without scrolling down. Usability studies have shown that most people don't
> read content if scrolling down is required to do so.
> Stuff to drop from ovc.css:
> #Content {
> width:600px;
> }

changed to width:80%;

> #Menu {
> (Sizing the menu is OK as long as the rest of the page flows all the way to
> the right hand side. BUT you have two identical 'width' statements in your
> Menu definition. You might want to delete the redundant one to avoid errors
> down the road... Or is this part of the 'Tantek Celik hack'?)
> }

there is a hack in here, but the fixed widths here are essential
otherwise some other things are screwed up. i might try to look into
this more deeply if i have some spare time.

> #footer {
> width:750px;
> }

changed to width:100%; although it is actually not currently being used
at all...

i have a footer that i would put on the site that states " 2004 The
Open Voting Consortium | This work is licensed under a Creative Commons
License." if people want me to.

someone let me know and i'll do it!


> Nathan

erik hopp
532 charles st. floor 1
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