Re: new site update

From: Nathan L. Adams <adamsn79_at_bellsouth_dot_net>
Date: Mon Jul 12 2004 - 00:06:40 CDT

Suggestion: Drop the fixed-px-width assumption from ovc.css (don't hard code
page widths).

Reasoning: People use different sized monitors with different resolutions. For
people with higher resolutions, letting the content flow to the far right
edge means the content farther down the page is more likely to be viewable
without scrolling down. Usability studies have shown that most people don't
read content if scrolling down is required to do so.

Stuff to drop from ovc.css:

#Content {

#Menu {
 (Sizing the menu is OK as long as the rest of the page flows all the way to
the right hand side. BUT you have two identical 'width' statements in your
Menu definition. You might want to delete the redundant one to avoid errors
down the road... Or is this part of the 'Tantek Celik hack'?)

#footer {

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