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Date: Sat Jul 17 2004 - 23:00:34 CDT

FYI Tkhe American Museam of American History has a current exhibit about voting equipment. On display is a machine used in Fordia in 2000, among other artifacts. Also they have created a map that sits ont he fllor which identifies the type of voting equipment used in each county inthe U.S. I have not vitisted the exhibit, but read about it. Thought you might be interested. Perhaps they have a web site about the it...I have not looked.
On Sat, 17 Jul 2004 22:28:59 -0400, David Mertz <> wrote:

> On Jul 17, 2004, at 9:42 PM, Nathan L. Adams wrote:
> > is hard to get a serious Free/Open Source Software
> > project going, and it can apparently be even harder to *keep one
> > going*.
> > 1) Don't discourage work as being not needed with promises of
> > grants/funding/whatever being "just around the corner".
> > 2) Don't discourage work as being not needed because "we'll soon have
> > an army
> > of graduate students to do that". Armies of graduate students are
> > generally
> > good for one or two purposes: earning their Masters degrees and
> > keeping their
> > professors gainfully employed, IMHO. At the very least, an army of grad
> Indeed. I quite agree with the harmful loss of focus for EVM2003. I
> also think the chasing after funding by some OVC members has had almost
> as much of a down side as an up side... a lot of threads that really
> need to be pursued in EVM2003 have been dropped (or postponed, anyway):
> generalizing the source code to generic ballots; testing and fixing
> the live-CD Liam did a good job of packaging (at least as an alpha
> version); stamping out those various known bugs that remain in the
> demo; making the whole thing easier to download; getting the latest
> code checked in; etc.
> I feel bad about all this, since I should have made some efforts to
> keep EVM2003 alive (I'm not the only one who might do so... but I'm one
> likely candidate). Not to say it cannot be resuscitated still, of
> course, but it's dormant at least. I went off in my own directions
> too... some with the Harvard conference, some with the academic papers,
> some with getting OVC onto IBM developerWorks, and--oh yeah--some work
> that actually pays me money, so I can pay my bills.
> And now I'm on vacation for a week, and have some articles due as soon
> as I come back. But at the start of August, I will try to make a real
> effort to bring EVM2003 back to more active status. Probably first
> thing is starting a new clearly purposed developers list, called
> something like EVM2003-DEV to clearly differentiate it from OVC and
> from any University projects that may (or may not) get funded. And
> after that, get people together to do the various things I mention
> above--and the other ones that I have not thought of, but that our
> other excellent developers have more clearly in mind.
> Yours, David...
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