Re: Undervoting and Elderly

From: charlie strauss <cems_at_earthlink_dot_net>
Date: Wed Jul 14 2004 - 00:05:26 CDT

To add to my suggestions for "elderly mode", I was just thinking that maybe what the elderly would need is exaclty the opposite of what I just suggested. That is instead of a lot of hand holding and distracting pop-ups, you actually went eh other direction and emulated a bare paper ballot.

What I am thinking is suppose you just drew an optec-eagle ballot on the screen (those are the 22 3/4" cards on which you use a pen to complete borken arrow on the ballot). The user is given a "pen" which is just a felt pen with no ink. And the user literally completes the arrows on the screen just like they would on a paper ballot. No additional text is given. That is ballot measures are not described any more than they would have been described on a real optek-eagle card. Voters may have to use a voter guide booklet as an aid just like they would have if they were voting on a real paper ballot.

The idea is that the stripped emulation of a paper ballot may actually be simpler for elderly to deal with.

I dont think it would violate laws to have different ballots for different folks for two reasons 1) this happens now in precints where different types of machines are in use. 2) the voter acutally has access to all forms of the ballot, he is just selecting the preferred mode. 3) this is analogous to blind folks getting an audio ballot, while sighted folks get a video ballot. Different strokes for different folks.

how do you help the elderly. Obviously a use-study is needed but brainstorming on what should be studied is useful.
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