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From: Arthur Keller <arthur_at_kellers_dot_org>
Date: Sat Jul 24 2004 - 16:33:00 CDT

At 1:40 PM -0700 7/24/04, Joseph Lorenzo Hall wrote:
>So, it seems evident that the BRP will *detect* if someone has left
>with a ballot... but what happens in the BRP if all extra EBI's are
>accounted for (test ballots, etc.) except for one? What happens then?
> Do the reconcilers say, "Well, that voter must have walked out with
>the summary paper ballot, that means they didn't vote... too bad for

Because there may be provisional ballots that are in sealed
envelopes, in general you can't make any assumptions about any of the
ballots that weren't cast. Besides, someone may have printed a
ballot, decided they didn't want to vote for that person anyway, and
then left. The number of paper ballots not accounted for is a
measure of the usability and the processes of the system.

>I guess this is a more general question... in the case of DREs with
>AVVPATs, if there is a discrepancy between the electronic and paper
>record, the "paper governs". That would seem to mean any votes
>without an electronic counterpart are disregarded as erroneous or
>mischievous. This seems like a reasonable process in the OVC
>reconciliation (of course, might need legislation/regulation to be put
>into affect).

In the OVC system, the paper governs (that's the ballot), and the
electronic is an audit trail.

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>On Sat, 24 Jul 2004 11:07:07 -0700, Alan Dechert
><> wrote:
>> Joe,
>> > This was a big concern of Marc Carrel's (Asst. SoS in CA). If someone
>> > walks out of the precinct with an OVC system-printed ballot, there is
>> > now a descrepancy between the electronic count and the paper count.
>> > Is the electronic vote with missing paper ballot allowed? If so, what
>> > prevents someone from adding a series of electronic votes that don't
>> > have corresponding paper records?
>> >
>> With the OVC system, the act of voting involves putting the paper ballot in
>> the ballot box. If you don't put the ballot in the ballot box, then you
>> didn't vote.
>> The system expects there to be more EBIs (Electronic Ballot Images) than
>> paper ballots -- this is due to test ballots, spoiled ballots, etc. The
>> reconciliation procedure takes care of this. We didn't have time to explain
>> this to Marc, but we did hand out the BRP guide:
>> Alan D.
>Joseph Lorenzo Hall
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