Re: Fwd: Radio programme on e-voting in Oz

From: Charlie Strauss <cems_at_earthlink_dot_net>
Date: Sat Jul 24 2004 - 10:36:36 CDT

It has six parts

1) a succint interview describing why paper trails are needed now.

2) david chaum trying to explain why his system is transparently
simple and thus trustable, but in fact demonstrating how obscure and
indecipherable it is to most folks.

3) a wrap-up of what elections are going to be like

4) someone from australia pooh poohs paper trail spreading FUD about
paper trails. for example he brings up the misdirection of which do
you trust if the paper and electronic ballot disagree

5) slow embrace of electronic voting in Australia, with a description
of the ACT ( a state in australia) system in australia. Interesting
security enhancements: 1) voters vote on a keyboard and keystrokes are
recorded. before votes are recorded the keystroke series is replayed
and made sure that the final vote is consistent with the keystrokes.
2) votes are recorded on two hard drives. and when they read them out
they read both and compare them. While this is obviously a no brainer
it is not infact what happens on the ES&S ivotronic. Doug jones
recently noted that the ESS PEB reader cant correctly read the second
flash memory.

6) postal voting issues (privacy, coerceion, transit problems) are
raised in a bass ackward sense. they say that since we do postal
voting and we accept these threats we should therefore accept internet
voting. Further illogic: just because a hacker could in principle
hack the whole vote does not mean this will ever actually happen. huh?
  Final illogic: lets just try it and see what happens.

On Jul 24, 2004, at 9:00 AM, David Mertz wrote:

> A colleague of mine from Oz forwarded me the following. On my
> vacation dial-up, I don't want to try playing a sound file... but the
> summary looks interesting:
>> From: Tim Churches <redacted>
>> Date: July 23, 2004 7:10:11 PM EDT
>> To: David Mertz <>
>> Subject: Radio programme on e-voting in Oz
>> Reply-To:
>> See - listening to it live now, but
>> if you check the URL tomorrow, an asynchronous RealPlayer version
>> should
>> be available.
>> --
>> Tim C
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