Re: Fwd: [Votingtech] CIT/MIT VTP Recommendations for EAC

From: Nathan L. Adams <adamsn79_at_bellsouth_dot_net>
Date: Thu Jul 22 2004 - 06:47:28 CDT

The section on page 3 entitled "Tallying and back-end election software" has
several points that relate directly to the current design of the OVC system:

- Computers used for elections should be restricted to the sole purpose of
election administration, and not used for other purposes.

- After a fresh operating system is installed, software unrelated to elections
should not be installed. (related to above & related to what goes into the

- Back-ups of all data files before and after ballots are brought to the
machine should be made and kept. (the OVC system wins hands down on this one)

Your thoughts?


On Wednesday 21 July 2004 11:44 pm, Arthur Keller wrote:
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> The Caltech/MIT Voting Technology Project recently
> released a set of recommendations for the EAC:
> "Immediate Steps to Avoid Lost Votes in The 2004
> Presidential Election."
> The report is available from
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