Re: [OVC-discuss] Bowen opposes legislative proposal

From: Alan Dechert <dechert_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Tue Jan 27 2009 - 19:28:42 CST

From: "Ronald Crane" <>
> Alan Dechert wrote:
>> From: "Brian Behlendorf"
>>> Or were there objections other than the waiver of certification
>>> requirement?
>> It's a matter of responsibility. It's putting reponsibility on the
>> secretary when she'd rather point the finger elsewhere.
> It is no small task to develop and debug a body of regulations intended to
> ensure that the state certifies only voting systems that meet some minimum
> standards of security, transparency, reliability of operation,
> usability/accessibility, serviceability, reliability of support, and so
> on. That the system(s) you propose will (if properly assembled) contain an
> open-source OS and an open-source voting application does not obviate the
> need to establish and enforce regulations governing all of these criteria.
> That will require consulting with many experts and advocacy groups, will
> require hiring people to do that, and will then require a lengthy public
> review process. All this costs effort and (more to the point these days)
> money.
True enough, Ron. And that's why I did not make any big stink about it when
she rejected a similar idea before she did the top-to-bottom review. The
reason I feel she is in a good position now to take this on is that she went
through this process while doing the top-to-bottom review. She has done the
consulting with experts and advocacy groups ... like some people on this

It would take some effort and person-hours, but the state is already paying
for a pretty large staff for the Secretary of State. What are all those
elections people doing right now?

Alan D.

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