Re: [OVC-discuss] write-ins by anarchists

From: David Mertz <>
Date: Tue Jan 27 2009 - 12:49:09 CST

I think there is a mixed story here on write-ins.

I would personally prefer that election laws/regulations allowed
counting every write-in vote, without restriction to "registered"
candidates. That's my own political opinion though, jurisdictions
need to make this decision, not me. Certainly, however, it should not
be a restriction of OVC systems to disallow this at a technical level.

However, in jurisdictions where only pre-determined candidates are
even counted as write-ins, there's really no "anarchist" purpose
served by enabling voters to cast uncounted votes. As someone else
commented, a "protest" vote stuck on a local bulletin board means more
than an unrecorded write-in. For those cases, voters should best be
shown a list of candidates whose vote will at least be counted.

There's no reason this difference need be "deep" though. Software
could easily have a binary switch for "allow free-form write-ins".
For jurisdictions that at least count that, enable the switch;
otherwise, show voters what votes might actually count.
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