Re: [OVC-discuss] draft of text for new OVC-sponsored bill

From: Alan Dechert <dechert_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Mon Jan 26 2009 - 14:38:12 CST

Kaj wrote,

> Brent Turner wrote:
>> One Lizard person is too many
> You would still end up with Lizard people using an OVC touch-screen
> system, since he wrote "Lizard People" for most of the write-in spots.
Well, not quite. Two things. 1) Where the guy wrote in Lizard People, he
also sometimes forgot to fill in the bubble. This is a very bad flaw for
hand marked ballots. We had a mayoral race in San Diego go to a candidate
that clearly had fewer people wanting to vote for him. He won because the
write-in candidate had many votes where the voter wrote her name in but did
not fill in the bubble (those votes were not allowed). This is a system
that allows for a winner that clearly does not reflect the will of the
electorate. It's wrong, and the system deserves to be deep-sixed on that
basis alone.

2) Ultimately, I see the OVC system making it impossible to write in a
candidate incorrectly. Under current state law (true in CA and many other
states), only qualified write-ins can receive votes. However, the system
allows the voter to write in anything. We could make it so that when the
voter selects the write-in entryfield, a list of qualified write-in
candidates appears. If there is no qualified write-in (this is often the
case) there would be no write-in entryfield. State law would need some
adjustments, but nothing major. Right now, the list of qualified write-ins
becomes avalable 14 days before Election Day. So, we would need to make it
so the beginning of early voting coincides with the release of the qualified
write-ins ... maybe the day or so after so qualified write-ins can be
included in the ballot definition files.

Alan D.

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