Re: draft of text for new OVC-sponsored bill

From: cls <cls_at_truffula_dot_sj_dot_ca_dot_us>
Date: Fri Jan 23 2009 - 21:23:22 CST

I never wanted to suggest taking HCPB seriously. But, due to the
persuasive powers of people like Bev Harris, a significant fraction
of the people I meet who mistrust our current balloting technology
are in that camp. These are people who have been taught through the
years not to try to understand technological issues and come to their
own conclusions, but instead try to follow "the debate" among
whoever manages to get their attention as an "expert." I want to
win these people over so that their efforts towards election reform
are in a constructive direction. Some of them are just so *faithful*
to the experts who have impressed them that they cannot be moved,
but some are still listening. We should take the *belief in* HCPB
seriously and have a more convincing way of satisfying the
real or imagined needs that HCPB are supposed to satisfy.
Software independence does that. "Trust my software, it's better"


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