Re: draft of text for new OVC-sponsored bill

From: Ronald Crane <voting_at_lastland_dot_net>
Date: Wed Jan 21 2009 - 12:50:29 CST

A few "Lizard People" ballots is a very small price to pay for freedom
from crafty DoS attacks, presentation attacks, social-engineering
attacks, "voter verification" attacks, and any other attacks that
computational vote presentation, selection, and recording make possible.

Brent Turner wrote:
> Re the "hand marking" - I see "Lizard people"- Brent
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> I would like us to have a bill that HCPB advocates as well as OVC
> advocates can get behind. And the way to do that is to think about all
> the advantages and disadvantages of HCPB, and make sure that the OVC
> solution has an answer....

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