Re: draft of text for new OVC-sponsored bill

From: Kaj Telenar <kaj_at_telenar_dot_com>
Date: Wed Jan 21 2009 - 08:55:24 CST

Jim Tobias wrote:
>> 1. too few machines, leading to long lines. This bill should
>> have a process that allows people to fill out their ballot by hand.
> If so, and if ballots are printed locally, then some machines may need to be
> reserved only for printing ballots, not for actual voting. Maybe add such
> language to the bill, such as "The system must accommodate flexible local
> demand for both hand-completed paper ballots and electronic voting." It's
> not clear to me if we're proposing that ballots be printed on demand, or if
> they can be printed in advance.

I was imagining that enough ballots would be printed ahead of time
(possibly in a central area, possibly locally) to satisfy expectations.
If more are needed, having the ability to print additional locally is
better than sending them over from a central facility. However, these
are details that I think don't need to be in the language of the bill.

I don't think a machine would need to be dedicated to the task. I think
one could be used for a few minutes to print a bunch of ballots, and
then go back to being used for touch screen candidate selection.
>> 3. what if the touch screen is miscalibrated?
> Improvements in touchscreen technology may solve this problem. But if not,
> using a gesture-recognition camera system instead of a touchscreen addresses
> calibration. It also would allow a screen capture of each ballot screen
> *before* the voter acts upon it; this would address the concern expressed
> elsewhere about "presentation hacking" -- the machine shows a ballot screen
> other than the approved screen (missing contests, missing candidates, etc.).
> These images would be reviewed as part of an audit.

There's an interesting video of a machine getting calibrated an election
official. Even after calibrating the machine, his test showed that it
was still selecting the wrong candidates.

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