Serious public thanks to Dr. Jefferson

From: Jim March <1_dot_jim_dot_march_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Mon Jan 07 2008 - 18:04:45 CST

I just wanted to say that I'm now sorry I criticized Dr. Jefferson in
public on this list some months back. I think I was technically
correct in most aspects but at a minimum rude in how I phrased it.

I can't publish his declaration just yet, but at my request he made
contact with the attorney in our public records lawsuit here in Pima
County AZ and then drafted a response declaration to the judge's
ruling that really knocked the ball out of the park. I hope to be
able to publish a URL for it soon so long as Dr. Jefferson doesn't
object, and I rather doubt he will.

He very effectively shot down a "security by obscurity" argument
relating to Diebold election databases. Transparency in the final
data file products of voting machines is at least as important as
transparency in source code and arguably moreso. At a minimum, it's
something we can go after right now with no new legal theories as
Diebold has given up any "trade secrets" rights to the data their
systems create.

Anyways. Dr. Jefferson came through in spades, in a timely enough
fashion to include his material in our response letter to the judge
due today.

Jim March
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