Re: NYT Magazine article by Clive Thompson: Can You Count On These Machines?

From: Arthur Keller <voting_at_kellers_dot_org>
Date: Mon Jan 07 2008 - 01:42:00 CST

If an adequately funded research and development effort were
commenced soon, I believe we could have open source voting systems,
constructed, tested, certified, and deployed by the 2012 Presidential
election. I wrote proposals for funding such research and
development work as early as late 2003. We've learned a lot since
then, and I think I would build a better and different system than we
originally proposed. But if a project were to have been funded now,
we could be using it for the 2008 election. Let's get going.

Best regards,

At 12:58 PM -0800 1/6/08, Alan Dechert wrote:
>This lengthy article contains some statements very much in our favor. For
> "When I talked to Jennifer Brunner in October, she told me
> she wished all of Ohio's machines were "open source" - that
> is, run on computer code that is published publicly, for anyone
> to see. Only then, she says, would voters trust it; and the
> scrutiny of thousands of computer scientists worldwide would
> ferret out any flaws and bugs"
> - Clive Thompson
>You may remember that Clive Thompson wrote this article in our favor a few
>years ago.
>I've had a few conversations with him over the years. I also met with Jenny
>Brunner when she was Secretary-Elect (Dec 15, 2006). I told her a complete
>conversion to open source systems for voting might take ten years. She
>asked me if we could make it eight years because that's as long as she could
>serve as Secretary of State.
>The url for today's article is here,
>and I've copied the text below.
>Alan D.
>January 6, 2008
>Can You Count On These Machines?

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