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From: Edward Cherlin <echerlin_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Wed Jan 02 2008 - 21:00:19 CST

On Jan 2, 2008 5:54 PM, Bev Harris <> wrote:
> Can't spend much time on this, but an interesting wrinkle has appeared in a
> recent widely distributed disinformation piece.
> The piece has been very widely distributed and discussed -- Black Box Voting,
> along with some of our volunteers, has debunked it. Bear with me, this touches
> on open source issues.
> The story is titled something like "Israeli defense firm counting Iowa caucus
> votes" and it has achieved a wider than normal distribution.

This appears to be the source.

The most popular (highest Google listing) reposting is on a
self-proclaimed Rumor Mill:
ELRON - VOXEO: The Israeli Defense Firm That Tallies the Iowa Caucus

The author, Christopher Bollyn, is an anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist
who can't spell, gives evidence of being lacking in reading
comprehension skill, and considers hand-counted paper ballots to be
the only safe method of voting.

Here are a few of his topics, from

Is Shimon Peres the Terrorist Mastermind Behind 9/11?
The Planes of 9-11
The Italian Gangsters and Their Jewish Bosses
Bush Nominates 9-11 Zionist Judge as Attorney General
Israeli Control of the Mass Media & the 9-11 Cover-Up (Part 1)
Bollyn and Family Safe and Well
The Bollyn Trial: The Criminalization of an Outspoken Journalist
9/11 Planes Flew Directly into Secure Computer Rooms in Both Towers
The Zionist Occupation of Iraq Is the "War in Iraq"
The Likud Criminal Gang Behind 9/11 and the War on Terror
The Israeli Prime Minister's Connection to 9/11
U.N. Investigators Broach Theory that Hariri was Killed by a Missile
Son of a Zionist Terrorist: Rahm Emanual's Dirty Secret
Are Zionists Behind Banning of Truthful 9/11 Scientist?

I wonder if he would be interested in buying the Brooklyn Bridge to
keep the Jews from getting it?

> It begins with a
> premise -- and a concern -- that is correct. The Iowa caucuses, both parties,
> will use a cell phone-initiated central tabulator for results. This ties in
> with recent articles by Black Box Voting. Lo and behold, after we publish our
> concerns, out comes an article purporting to know that the company handling the
> cell phone tabulation system is -- they say -- VOXEO and -- they say -- this is
> actually Elron, an Israeli defense firm. Followed by exclamation points and
> gesticulating all around.

Actually, Bollyn's article quotes the very clear statement from
VOXEO's Web site that it was a different company, IRdg, that an Elron
subsidiary acquired. He does try rather feebly to obfuscate this fact.

Voxeo is headed by Jonathan Taylor, who is the company's President and
CEO. This is what his Voxeo webpage says about him:

    Jonathan combined his experience in both business operations and
technology innovation to found Voxeo in 1999. Under his guidance,
Voxeo has seen triple-digit revenue growth for four consecutive years
and has been profitable since January, 2004. Prior to Voxeo, Jonathan
founded and helped bring three additional software and infrastructure
service companies to profitability.

    From 1995 to 1997, Jonathan was the founder and President of
InterResearch and Development Group (IRdg), Inc. IRdg created and
licensed iPost - the first internet powered OEM unified messaging
solution - to leading telecommunications providers including Ericsson,
Motorola and Unisys. IRdg was acquired by Elron Electronic Industries
(Nasdq: ELRN) subsidiary MediaGate in 1997.

There you have it. Jonathan Taylor's company, which he founded, was
taken over by Elron Electronic Industries, the Israeli defense high
tech company...

> We looked for expenditures, finally found a partial listing, confirmed a payment
> of a grand total of $500 in 2004 by the Iowa Democratic Party to VOXEO. We
> looked into corporate documents -- debunked the story. VOXEO is not Elron, and
> the "connection" is not sufficient to write about.
> But as I was looking into the VOXEO documents, I did see that it seems to be a
> company that's into open source. VOXEO is of course demonized as an Israeli
> subterfuge of some sort in the widely circulated article. Looking further, I
> see that one of VOXEO's founders is a fellow named Gary Reback.
> Who is Gary Reback? Well, he's a guy that was leading the anti-Microsoft fight,
> from what I gather. And, he's a guy that was fighting a bunch of other tech
> wars.
> So here's my question: VOXEO is pretty easy to google up. Is it an open source
> thorn in someone's side?

VOXEO is creating an open-source infrastructure for Voice over IP
telephony. A lot of phone companies are scared to death of anything to
do with VoIP.

But Googling doesn't show any overt attacks on them.

> Other names involved with the company are J. Clegg Ivey, who I gather is some
> sort of attorney, and Jonathan R. Taylor, this last person being breathlessly
> cited as the link to Israeli defense systems.
> This is probably a total waste of time for everyone. But if anyone is of a mind
> to do so, I would be interested in your take on VOXEO, from the standpoint of
> whether it is an annoyance to a company like Microsoft.

Yes, but not a threat. Microsoft does not usually beat up on companies
at this level. It tries to buy them first.

> Bev Harris
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"When I want to hear *your* opinion, I'll tell it to you."--Any mob
boss, any authoritarian government.

Edward Cherlin
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