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Date: Wed Jan 31 2007 - 12:29:25 CST

This bounced when Rebecca sent it, so I am forwarding to the group.

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Thanks, Michelle.

Welcome to MD, Laura! You are arriving at an exciting time. Our
legislative session began a couple of weeks ago and runs for 90 days. We
have a good bill filed in the House of Delegates (HB18) which will have
its hearing tomorrow morning. A companion bill will soon be introduced
in the Senate by the Senate Majority Leader.

The bill requires that the voting system produce paper records that are
physically separate from one another (not continuous roll), and
physically durable enough to withstand repeated handling in mandatory
random audits and recounts (no flimsy thermal-paper that tears and
fades, etc). There are additional provisions for transparency of the
election process.

This is the 4th year we have tried to pass a bill in MD. There are some
very encouraging signs this session, as well as some discouraging ones.
Each year the legislative session has been a roller coaster ride right
up to the very last minute, so the outcome is anyone's guess. That means
it's an important time to get involved!

You may join our list-serv by going to our website: www.saveourvotes.org
Click the "Join our list-serv" link.

Where do you live? Hope to meet you one of these days...


*/Michelle Gabriel <mwg@jmbaai.com>/* wrote:

    I am forwrding this request to:

    Rebecca Wilson

    */SAVE our Votes is a nonpartisan grassroots organization working for
    Secure, Accessible, Verifiable Elections in Maryland.


    Laura Perkins wrote:

>I just recently moved to Maryland. Could anybody on
> this list update me
>on the status of efforts to get rid of the paperless Diebold machines
>here and replace them with a more transparent voting system? Is there a
>bill going to be introduced this legislative session? Any information
>would be appreciated. I would like to get involved in this, but have
>found scant information online.
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Rebecca Wilson

*/SAVE our Votes is a nonpartisan grassroots organization working for
Secure, Accessible, Verifiable Elections in Maryland./*

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