Re: A 3-Step Audit Protocol w/ 99% confidence

From: Kathy Dopp <kathy_dot_dopp_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Wed Jan 24 2007 - 14:13:36 CST

On 1/24/07, Joseph Lorenzo Hall <> wrote:
> To be clear: a few of us have been thinking about tiered approaches
> since mid-December. I'm not sure that this lack-of-credit is an
> important thing to dwell on and I don't believe we have enough
> information about any of this to point fingers at individuals for
> thinking about ways to do some chunky approach to confidence levels in
> legislation. -


This "3-step audit protocol" is not a tiered audit approach, it is a
calculated approach, based on the formulas I suggested to Ron Rivest
that Ron provide more explicitly for elections in his paper and which
I explicitly explained how to do in a paper I just released on January
17th after deriving them from Ron's September work; and it is also
based on my own work that I released in July which Howard claims to
not have read before he released his first paper, but which he cannot
claim not to have read now, and I know that Howard read my September
paper because he helped me write a section in it citing his own work
in it, but did not contribute one iota of anything else to it.

It they stick to form, it will take Howard and VoteTrustUSA another
week to replicate my tiered election audit work and to publicly
release it themselves without citing my work on it.

 I suppose it is remotely possible, that Howard never read any of my
audit papers beginning in July and including my latest paper where I
explicitly showed how to apply Rivest's estimation formula from his
appendix, to election audits, but I do know that Howard read my and
Stenger's September paper in which I explicitly show how to calculate
the minimum number of vote counts that could alter an election
outcome, and it seems unlikely for anyone who claims they are an
expert in this field, like Howard does, to not to have read any of my
work on it.

In emails from Howard after he released his first paper and before I
released mine, I often found errors in his calculations and thinking
that I helped him correct, so it is wrong for him and VoteTrustUSA to
refuse to report on or cite any of my work and to replicate it always
a week or more after I do it originally without citing me.

I have no doubt that you'll see Howard and VoteTrustUSA put forth a
tiered audit proposal next now that I've publicly released a tiered
audit proposal.

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