My Presentation to CACEO Yesterday

From: Alan Dechert <dechert_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Sat Jan 13 2007 - 16:06:38 CST

Yesterday (Jan 12, 07), I gave a presentation to the California Association
of Clerks & Election Officials (CACEO, ) at their conference at the Sheraton Gateway
Hotel in Los Angeles. I believe this was the most important presentation
I've given as OVC president.

Soon after Election Day, Brent Turner had asked, on my behalf, CACEO
president Stephen Weir (Contra Costa County) for an appointment. Weir said
"we'll have him address the whole association." I was to have from 10:00 am
to 10:45.

I expected it would start a bit late so I figured I'd talk from 10:05 to
10:30 and then take questions and answers. It started at 10:20 so I asked
to be reminded to wrap up at 10:40, and then take questions and answers for
15 minutes or so.

It was not a public event -- Brent Turner attended as my assistant. He
helped set up and distributed the handout. There were about 40 attendees --
mostly registrars of voters. A few were assistant ROVs like Ryan Ronco of
Placer. Conny McCormack of Los Angeles (past CACEO president) was there, as
well as the current president (Weir). Michael Kanotz, Election Counsel,
with the Secretary of State was also there.

The handout had the following pieces.

In my opening remarks, I pointed out the GAO excerpt and the letter from
Bowen. I pointed out that Debra Bowen wrote the letter in response to a
request from me as something I could show to supporters and potential
supporters to give people an idea of how we were working together. After
receiving the letter from Bowen, I said I planned to share it with a limited
audience. She said, "show it to anyone you want." So, I continue to use

I used my laptop with Linux (Ubuntu) and Open Office hooked up to a
projector (thanks to Arthur Keller for lending me the projector!). This
helped greatly in making my points.

I got through the first set of slides and time was about up. The only IBM
slide I discussed was pg 6 (Evolution to an Open Standard). The IBM slides
are excellent but I didn't have time to cover them. They were included in
the handout in thumbnail form and I explained that the full page slides were
available online at the links url I gave them.

After the main part of the presentation, there was some lively discussion.
It was after 11:00 before we finished. Brent and I spoke with several of
them afterward in the hallway. After that, we went to lunch then had a nice
meeting with Congressman Henry Waxman in Los Angeles.

Alan D.

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