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From: Kathy Dopp <kathy_dot_dopp_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Fri Jan 05 2007 - 17:45:25 CST

Thought this might interest you; and that you might want to invite
Joseph to join this list. He does lots of good detailed technical
investigation of voting systems from what I can tell. Kathy

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From: Joseph Holder <conquip@mac.com>
Date: Jan 4, 2007 4:46 PM
Subject: [voting-rights] Fwd: Bar codes on VVPAT

The following are answers I submitted to the SoS on December 1, 2006
and which were answered on January 2, 2007. I am disappointed with the
"wordsmithing" concerning any laws or regulations that may prohibit the
printing of barcodes on on the VVPAT on election day. Since California
currently has very few formally adopted regulations involving
elections, and most of the Election Code was written prior to the
existence of barcodes associated with voting, it is reasonable to
assume they would not contain such provisions. Instead, any orders or
directives would be contained in directives, orders, or Procedures for
Use issued and adopted by the SoS.

I am also disturbed by the ambiguity involved with the Sequoia VVPAT.
Again the voters and election officials are left in the dark as to what
is contained in the actual programming and configuration of the WinEDS.
We must depend upon a vendor's assurances with no corresponding
independent confirmation. We know from reports around the country that
WinEDS memory chips have been programmed with errors, whether
accidental or intentional. This points out once again the inherent
problem using outside unknown programmers to create the coding that is
used to control voting systems for an actual election. The content and
the accuracy of that coding is unknown, unchecked, and hidden from the
voters themselves. That is not an acceptable process in a
representative form of government elected by the citizens.
Jody Holder

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> From: "Heyes, Jason" <jheyes@ss.ca.gov>
> Date: January 2, 2007 11:24:12 AM PST
> To: conquip@mac.com
> Subject: RE: Bar codes on VVPAT
> Dear Mr. Holder:
> In response to your questions in your email of December 1, 2006,
> please note the following:
> What information is contained on the "barcodes" on the VVPAT?
> The information contained on the "barcodes" on the VVPAT varies from
> system to system, depending on the type of system and the company that
> manufactures the particular system.
> Are the VVPATs printed on election day allowed to have any barcodes
> printed on them?
> There is no provision in the California Elections Code (EC) or
> regulations that specifically prohibit barcodes on the VVPAT. EC
> §15208 states in relevant part, "…Any ballot that is marked in a
> manner so as to identify the voter shall be marked "Void" and shall be
> placed in the container for void." The Secretary of State has
> interpreted this statute to prohibit ballots or VVPAT records from
> containing unique ballot serial numbers that would unitquely identify
> a voter, whether in plain text or encoded as a barcode. Provisional
> ballots are an exception because they must be uniquely identified so
> that once eligibility of the provisional voter is determined it can be
> identified as to whether or not the ballot can be counted.
> If they are not to have any barcodes printed on them, where is the
> directive to that effect?
> Please see the response to the previous question.
> In particular, on the Sequoia Edge DRE, what is contained in the
> barcode that is printed on the VVPAT on election day if it was printed
> on it?
> This barcode can contain the following information depending on how
> the election is configured in WinEDS:
> § Voting machine serial number
> § Election identification
> § Polling place ID number
> § Election mode (Pre-election LAT, official/election, or
> post-election LAT)
> § Ballot style indicator
> § Provisional ballot ID (if applicable)
> § Index/identification number to matching ballot image in
> machine memory
> § Actual contest/candidate vote selections
> § Hash for authentication of the record
> I am unaware of San Joaquin County being specifically told that the
> printing of barcodes on the VVPAT on Election Day was prohibited. The
> official use procedures for the Diebold system specify that the
> barcodes are to be disabled. San Joaquin County has advised us that
> while the barcodes were mistakenly enabled for the June 2006 Primary
> Election, they were correctly disabled for the November 2006 General
> Election.
> If you have any further questions feel free to call the Office of
> Voting Systems Technology Assessment at (916) 653-7244.
> Sincerely,
> Jason Heyes
> Office of Voting Systems Technology Assessment
> Voting System Analyst
> California Secretary of State

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