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Subject: 41 Days Left to Propose Questions to be Included in a National
Survey for Free

If you would like to propose questions to be included in a multi-wave panel
survey of a representative national sample of American adults (at no cost to
you), now is the time to submit them to the American National Election
Studies (ANES) review process.

For the 2007-2009 ANES Panel Study, we will interview a panel of respondents
(1,800 people initially) six times between September 2007, and May 2009. The
questionnaires for these surveys can be filled with any questions that will
help scholars understand the causes or consequences of people's decisions
about whether or not to vote in the 2008 election and for whom to vote. The
schedule of reinterviews will allow researchers to study changes in
individuals' attitudes, beliefs, behavior, and more, and to study causal
impact of one variable on another.

The data will be collected via self-administered questionnaires completed
over the Internet, and the panel of respondents will be recruited especially
to participate in this study. The entire data set will be made available to
all interested scholars at no cost.

The questions to be included on the six waves will be selected through a
public and transparent peer review process. Proposals will be accepted only
via the ANES Online Commons (OC), a web-based system for the posting and
review of proposals:


There are only 41 days left to submit a proposal to include questions on the
first waves of the 2007-2009 ANES Panel Study. The deadline for submitting
proposals is January 31, 2007, after which the OC will remain open for a
short period to allow comments and proposal revisions to be posted.

As of right now, the questionnaires are wide open. This is the largest open
opportunity in years to place questions on an ANES study. We thank NSF for
making this possible and hope to be able to accommodate your proposal in
this study.


Jon Krosnick and Arthur Lupia

Principal Investigators

American National Election Studies (ANES)

Please address questions to: anes@electionstudies.org


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