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Date: Thu Jan 05 2006 - 21:03:50 CST

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Nathan L. Adams wrote:
> charlie strauss wrote:
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>>>>From: David Jefferson <>
>>>>The prohibition on interpreted code is in section 4.2.2 of the 2002
>>>>FEC standards.
>>>>4.2.2 Software Integrity
>>>>Where the development environment (programming language and
>>>>development tools)
>>>>includes the following features, the software shall provide controls
>>>>to prevent accidental or deliberate attempts to replace executable code:
>>>> Unbounded arrays or strings (includes buffers used to move data);
>>>> Pointer variables; and
>>>> Dynamic memory allocation and management.
>>>Yikes. in addition to the prohibition on dynamically linked code, the last three items would seem to exclude Python would they not?
> Every programming language has those features (or they should). Ada
> tries really hard to prevent the first and second, but it can be done.
> The clause is just saying that your app just has to be aware of the
> dangers associated with those features and has to try to prevent abuse.
> Nathan

Correction: I meant to say that Ada tries to prevent the first and the
third. Access types (pointers) are common in Ada (although they are
locked down far too much).
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