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From: anwar <aadi_at_cs_dot_ucr_dot_edu>
Date: Sun Jan 01 2006 - 02:34:09 CST

Ed Kennedy wrote:

> Hello Anwar,
> If it is not too much to ask, when you publish your paper, could you
> send us all a copy?

Sure, if they let me post it online, I will (assuming I can make
progress on a paper). I will also try to post early drafts if people
don't mind, but right now it's too early according to my advisor.

I'm hoping I can post something within a few weeks.

peace 2 u,

Thanks, Edmund R. Kennedy
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> On Wed, 28 Dec 2005, Arthur Keller wrote:
>> Dear Anwar,
>> I am affiliated with the Baskin School of Engineering at the 
>> University of California at Santa Cruz.  I would be happy to work 
>> with you and your advisor at UCR towards the development of a thesis 
>> project.  You can find my UCSC website at
>> Please feel free to email me or call me.
>> Thanks.
>> Best regards,
>> Arthur
> Thank you for your offer to help.  I think we would appreciate the 
> advice very much.  I have sent you personal email with more details. 
> And, yes I read your web site too as part of my initial OVC reading 
> effort.  I feel honored that you chose to respond and look forward to 
> working with you.
> peace 2 u,
> -anwar
>> At 6:01 PM -0800 12/28/05, anwar wrote:
>>> Hello, my name is Anwar.  I am a graduate student in Computer 
>>> Science at the Univeristy of California at Riverside.
>>> I have about 6 years of proffessional development experience with 
>>> about one year of experience in python(and I love python!).  I have 
>>> also been a linux system administrator for about 1.7 years.
>>> A while ago now I decided to dedicate my master's project and a 
>>> graduate class project to helping produce an open source voting 
>>> software.  I have since read most the ovc source quite extensively 
>>> and run a few of the demo programs on my own computer.  I have also 
>>> read the specification documents that were produced by OVC and used 
>>> both source and docs to develop a plain english model of how the 
>>> software works.  I used this plain english model to start making a 
>>> petri-net to represent the model for my class project. The idea was 
>>> to find possible errors in the OVC model or show that it's 
>>> *provably*  correct via queries to the petri net using a model 
>>> checker.  I hope to have a first draft of that soon.
>>> I am having a little trouble coming up with a proposal for my 
>>> masters project -- other than extending my class project(which I may 
>>> end up doing). I was told by Fred that there are a few experts on 
>>> this list and that I should seek help if I needed it.
>>> Are there any ideas as to what would be a good master's project that 
>>> would at the same time contribute significatly to OVC?   I hope 
>>> people understand how academic projects can sometimes have their 
>>> limits.
>>> Also what do people think of my work as described so far?
>>> I hope to have a first cut of a full petri net working in the next 
>>> week or so and I hope to share that and possible results with anyone 
>>> who is interested.
>>> I think I would be at a crossroads soon that could determine how I 
>>> spend the next two and a half months of my school work.  Any 
>>> feedback is welcome. I have to make a proposal during the third week 
>>> of january I think...but earlier is better.
>>> peace 2 u,
>>> -anwar
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