Open Source & the WMF backdoor

From: Keith Copenhagen <K_at_copetech_dot_com>
Date: Sun Jan 15 2006 - 01:30:57 CST

Leo: We've got a bit of a scoop here. And I want to reserve judgment and
give Microsoft the benefit of the doubt. Prove to us why this isn't an
intentional backdoor in Windows and reassure us that there aren't any

Steve: Well, I mean, as you've mentioned a couple times here, I mean, one
of the advantages of an open source system is, you know, and I'm finding
myself gravitating more and more toward open source solutions because of
their transparency. And so, you know, but an advantage of that is that all
kinds of people are looking at the code, and there's just no opportunity,
especially when you build the system yourself from source, there's no
opportunity for anything evil to get stuck in. And also, about this what
appears to be a Windows MetaFile backdoor that's always been in Windows
 from 2000 on, you know, they've done recently serious security reviews of
all their code. You know, they took that whole timeout from all the work
they were going to be doing and said they were rereading all their code.
And this is not the first time metafiles have had a problem. There have
been what are probably real bugs in metafile processing in the past, I
think two of them. So the whole metafile system would have come under the
scrutiny of someone, you know, very deliberately.

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