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>The quoted section doesn't unconditionally prohibit anything. It simply
>prohibits certain types of development environments unless proper
>precuations are taken.

yes, okay I grant you that interpretation for the quoted section. But the prior sentence (quoted earlier but not in the section you are refering to) seems unequivocal:

">> 4.2.2 Software Integrity
>> Self-modifying, dynamically loaded, or interpreted code is
>> prohibited, except under the
>> security provisions outlined in section 6.4.e."

I'm not sure what is is 6.4.e (I'm guess it's an exception for COTs or something)

>-- Scott
>On 1/5/06, David Jefferson <> wrote:
>> I am not facile with Python. But my reading of these lines is that they
>> require strong typing, including bounds checked arrays and strings, and
>> disciplined object references (e.g. Java). Also, my personal
>> interpretation is that whatever the main body of code is writen in, there
>> cannot be a *second* level of interpretation, i.e. Python and Java would
>> be OK by me as primary languages even though they are interpreted, as long
>> as there were not another level of interpretation of some other language.
>> But, of course, I am not an ITA.
>> And if it were up to me these lines would seem to preclude C, because of
>> the confusion between integers and pointers in that language does not allow
>> any strong way of controlling pointer references; but I doubt the ITAs
>> interpret it that way, or enforce it.
>> David
>> On Jan 5, 2006, at 7:52 PM, charlie strauss wrote:
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>> From: David Jefferson <>
>> The prohibition on interpreted code is in section 4.2.2 of the 2002
>> FEC standards.
>> 4.2.2 Software Integrity
>> Where the development environment (programming language and
>> development tools)
>> includes the following features, the software shall provide controls
>> to prevent accidental or deliberate attempts to replace executable code:
>> Unbounded arrays or strings (includes buffers used to move data);
>> Pointer variables; and
>> Dynamic memory allocation and management.

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