Re: The Bill -- version A3

From: Ron Crane <voting_at_lastland_dot_net>
Date: Mon Jan 30 2006 - 17:59:40 CST

Greetings. Attached is a much-tightened version of the open source bill.
It clarifies what needs to be disclosed when, requires the disclosure of
appropriate documentation, fixes the "voting system-specific" issue, and
describes what happens when a vendor wants to modify an existing system.

As before (and in keeping with the limited goals OVC seems to have for
this version), this version does not attempt to handle some critical
issues, like formal public review, election-day citizen verification of
the software being used, Nevada Gaming Control Board-style inspections,
and parallel testing.


P.S. I have not changed my view that security and transparency would be
better served by prohibiting the use of computer-aided voting systems.
However, some disclosure (as this bill provides) is better than no
disclosure (which is where we are now).

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