Re: The Bill -- version A

From: Ron Crane <voting_at_lastland_dot_net>
Date: Wed Jan 25 2006 - 16:51:56 CST
Alan Dechert wrote:
Here's what I got so far.  If you want something different, please do one of 
two things 1) Create your own version ... if it seems decent, I'll submit 
that too.  2) suggest changes, edits, additions, etc.

Obviously, I flunked by self-imposed deadline of last Monday .. the hard 
deadline is fast approaching, so if you want to have some input on this, 
better get it out here right away....
As written this is a really minimal bill. It doesn't require a formal public review process (only disclosure), it doesn't require the computation of checksums on precisely the version of the code that makes it through final review, it doesn't empower citizens to check that the code loaded into the machines on election day exactly matches the code that made it through final review, and it doesn't mandate either parallel testing or random inspections. It still represents progress over what we've got -- as long as legislators don't get the idea that it "fixes" all the extant problems with e-voting systems. You should make it clear that this bill is the first step toward improving e-voting security, not the last one.

Attached are my edits with revisions in .doc format. They don't add everything I think the bill should contain by a long shot, but they tighten what you've got. I'm working on a much more detailed bill that, among other things, establishes the California Election Integrity Board, which is an agency along the lines of the Nevada Gaming Control Board that will handle public review, random inspections, and parallel testing. But it'll take me awhile to write that bill, and probably (given the apparent deadline) it will have to wait 'til the next session of the legislature.

Current state law requires that the vote counting process be publicly observable

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