Shades of Things to Come?

From: Ken Pugh <kpughmisc_at_pughkilleen_dot_com>
Date: Sun Jan 09 2005 - 19:27:24 CST

Here in North Carolina, we had a slight problem in one county with the
electronic voting machine. I know it's been mentioned on this mailing list

The election board suggested having a revote in the county. A judge
disagreed. So they now are revoting the entire state. It will only cost
3.5 million to elect a person who's main job (as far as the general public
is concerned) is to select the vendor for the state fair.


Seems to make it all that more important to get a printed vote count from
every polling place. Note that in NC, we have about a 30 day pre-election
voting period. The lost votes were from this period. So it would also be
good to get a printed vote count from the pre-election polls at the end of
each day (or every 100 voters if less than that have voted during the day).


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