[vvnm] IEEE Answers NYT Editorial

From: Charlie Strauss <cems_at_earthlink_dot_net>
Date: Sat Jan 08 2005 - 16:54:46 CST

IEEE responds to NY times editorial.


To the Editor:

  The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers is a
world-renowned technical professional society with more than 360,000
members, and it has been a leader in standards development for more
than 110 years.

  Contrary to "Setting Standards for Fair Elections" (editorial, "Making
Votes Count" series, Dec. 27), the I.E.E.E. voting equipment standard
is being created using an open process that involves a working group
with broad representation.

  The I.E.E.E. working group membership consists of interested and
materially affected groups, including voting machine manufacturers,
voting system software developers, computer scientists (including two
of the three cited in your editorial), security experts, citizen
advocate groups, disability advocate groups and election officials.

  The goal of the standard is to establish performance criteria for
voting equipment that ensures confidentiality, security, reliability,
accuracy, usability and accessibility.

  The draft standard includes criteria for a voter-verified paper trail
performance that will assist in persuading policy makers that
voter-verified paper trails are viable.

  The I.E.E.E. draft standard takes no positions on policy. It
appropriately leaves those decisions to election officials.

  Judith Gorman
Managing Director
I.E.E.E. Standards Association
Piscataway, N.J., Dec. 27, 2004

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