Re: A generic best practice document for NewMexicolegislators

From: Kathy Dopp <kathy_at_directell_dot_com>
Date: Wed Jan 05 2005 - 01:16:53 CST

Hi Everyone,

Could Charlie pass the actual document around again?

I think that the only thing I saw missing from it was the most important
concept: i.e. that computer scientists should steer the process of
determining rrequirements for and evaluating voting systems before states
and counties purchase them.

The reason that we have such a mess in America right now is because three
groups of people seem to believe that computer scientists should "Not" be
involved in the selection of voting equipment:

1. voting machine vendors

2. Election officials

3. Voting Activists like Bev Harris who influence a lot of their
followers to be on the same side of this issue (against taking allowing
computer scientists to make the decisions with respect to voting system
purchases) as the election officials and voting machine vendors who've led
America in the wrong direction on voting technology.

If we could convince Bev Harris to change her position on this issue,
because she has such a following, it would very much help the cause of
implementing better voting technology in America. Perhaps Bev's champions
on this list could talk to her.

Rational decision makers, who understand better than anyone else the
dangers and problems of modern technology, i.e the computer scientists,
need to be the one to guide the decisions. Hard and fast "rules" may have
to be adjusted over time by rational informed computer scientists, so I'd
say if I had to pick the one most important thing to assert to New Mexico
authorities, it would be to "involve computer scientists as the primary
decision-makers", unlike what state after state and county after county
has done in recent years.

Of course there are a few computer scientists in America who could not be
trusted, but most would do a lot better job selecting voting equipment.

That said, Charlie, do you have an abbreviated version ready yet of your
Best Practice Doc?



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