Re: Where'd the FAQ webpage go?

From: Alan Dechert <alan_at_openvotingconsortium_dot_org>
Date: Wed Jan 14 2004 - 13:03:20 CST

RE: [voting-project] Where'd the FAQ webpage go?I'm fine with moving to

The wiki that is now here seems to be working fine. It would be fine to
move it too but I would give this a very low priority.

The thing I'm really interested in doing with the Wiki page right now is
making a static copy of the current Bylaws (Revision 32, the document
adopted Dec 30) and put that one a web page and get a link to that on our
web site ASAP.

We need to get some common understanding about the FAQ. My impression has
been that the FAQ database you put up was a nice internal tool. I don't see
that as a way to present the FAQ to the public. Karl's draft is the
starting point for a public presentation, as far as I can tell:

I don't want to totally neglect our current website
between now and the time we do the cutover. It is still the main place for
people to get information about the OVC right now. It needs maintenance
now. We need the Bylaws, FAQ, and About Us page up there ASAP -- rough as
they may be right now.

Alan D. 916-791-0456

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Alex and I spoke last night, and think that since most people are rightly
focused on getting the demo completed we'd make some decisions and wait for
people to object/point out superior options.
We appear to have several good options for servers, and I certainly don't
want to offend anyone, so if you think we're not doing the right thing,
please speak up before we start actually doing it. Alex' preference (which
I'm fine with) is to use, since they're offering us a
professionally hosted server for free, and he's had good experiences with
them in the past.
So unless someone has any suggestions, we plan to do the following:
First, invisible tech stuff (Alex and I will do this):
- Move Drupal to the pair server. It will be used to serve the bulk of our
- Move the FAQ system to the pair ( server.
- Move the Wiki to It will be an internal tool.
- Copy the static content to the pair server (either as items
in Drupal or as stand-alone static pages, depending).
Then visible stuff (everyone can help with this):
- Review/update the content (FAQ, Drupal, Static)
- Review/update the site design (look & feel, logo, etc.); I assume that
Chris Gates will lead this...
- Cross-link everything with common navigation bar, etc. (i.e. implement the
design into the FAQ, Drupal, etc.)
- Train everyone who generates content in the use of Drupal, etc.
And the moment of truth:
- Final review of site content, design.
- Change to point to new server.
This all ought to be doable in two weeks, so I'd propose (pulling a date out
of thin air) targeting February 1st for cutover. Does everyone think that
this is a reasonable timeline? In particular, this is dependent on Chris and
whoever cares most about site design to be able to spend some time on this.
- LP
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