RE: Where'd the FAQ webpage go?

From: Alex Burgel <alex_at_chachacharming_dot_com>
Date: Wed Jan 07 2004 - 21:33:47 CST

i think we should have it all on one server. its easier to maintain. and its a
pretty simple site right now... we don't need lots of hardware all over the

drupal for content management seems fine to me. though i don't have much
experience with it.

we can use the other servers for testing. but we should have 1 with
all the live stuff.

i'm biased towards the server, since i use them for my own stuff and
have had good experiences with them, but we should settle on something soon, so
we can move everything there and transfer the domain.


On 1/7/04, said:

>Right now we have a bunch of pieces online that we should pull together
>(look and feel, etc.):
>- the current static web site at
>- phpMyFAQ on
>- Wiki on
>- Drupal (for testing as a CMS) on
>- Guestbook (for testing) on
>As far as the web site goes, I have a few questions:
>- Should we move everything to a single server? We can leave them separate,
>but it's a bit harder to manage.
>- Do we want to use Drupal for Content Management?
>I'm happy dealing with all of the tech issues, moving the software around,
>etc., but I think that we should decide that's what we want to do, first.
>- LP
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>as for hosts, don't forget that we have
>it was generously provided for us by, it has these features:
>right now, there is a PHP guestbook on it, but i haven't had time to make it
>look pretty yet.
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