RE: Where'd the FAQ webpage go?

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Right now we have a bunch of pieces online that we should pull together
(look and feel, etc.):

- the current static web site at
- phpMyFAQ on
- Wiki on
- Drupal (for testing as a CMS) on
- Guestbook (for testing) on

As far as the web site goes, I have a few questions:
- Should we move everything to a single server? We can leave them separate,
but it's a bit harder to manage.
- Do we want to use Drupal for Content Management?

I'm happy dealing with all of the tech issues, moving the software around,
etc., but I think that we should decide that's what we want to do, first.

- LP

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as for hosts, don't forget that we have

it was generously provided for us by, it has these features:

right now, there is a PHP guestbook on it, but i haven't had time to make it
look pretty yet.


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