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OK, I've got all of this (very nicely written) material from this document
copied into the FAQ engine, at Please review
it there, and feel free to post comments, corrections, etc., to the bulletin
boards attached to the FAQ (or, of course, send email to the list).

For reference, there's a PDF version of the FAQ at

I'd like to ask people on this list to please review the list of open
questions at: .
If we could get each person on the list to contribute three answers, we'd
have the FAQ done in no time.

I'll continue to send out new FAQ questions to the list periodically to
prompt discussions. If anyone can suggest additional FAQ questions, please
either email them to the list or go to the FAQ web pages and click 'Ask

- LP
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I've gotten back to the FAQ (sorry about the delay).

I mined various materials and am dumping them into what is still a very
ill-formed and drafty document with many gaps and lots of rough (and
potentially erroneous) text.

Anyway, I'm going to keep klanking and banging on it, but I wanted it to
be visible so that I can get guidance and feedback.

It is not visible via a link anywhere, but beware that things like the
Google toolbar in Internet Exploder sometimes seem to send reports about
the existance of visits to otherwise unlinked-to URLs back to Google.
So don't be surprised if the search engines eventually find it anyway.

I've taken the liberty to be exercise a bit of creative, and perhaps
turgid, writing - which may or may not be appropriate. I figure that
extensive editing and pruning will be greatly needed before this is done.

Anyway, here's a pointer to that very, very, very rough document.

(I'll try to keep new versions in the same place. But please don't hand
this URL around as this document is far from being ready for public

Oh yes, one more thing - In a few days, after I get some initial feedback
on the FAQ draft, I plan to dig into a "white paper" amounting to no more
than one or two pages (one page is better than two) statement of what this
whole thing is about. This will be aimed at those who want "the story" in
a concise form, i.e. most people.


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