RE: Where'd the FAQ webpage go?

From: Popkin, Laird (WMG Corp) <"Popkin,>
Date: Wed Jan 07 2004 - 15:14:23 CST

phpMyFAQ can generate a PDF version of the FAQ for distribution. See for an example. It's not terribly
pretty, but it could serve as a document for distribution.

I'm starting on copying the HTML FAQ entries into the FAQ database. Once
that's done, should I move the FAQ engine to your server (so that we can
turn off

- LP

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On Tue, 6 Jan 2004, Popkin, Laird (WMG Corp) wrote:

> I'd be happy to move the FAQ engine to anywhere that we can run PHP web
> pages and a MySQL database. I also see that Karl has been working in an
> file. Should I move that info into the FAQ database, or are we going to
> an HTML file instead of the FAQ system?

I find it useful to have both - the php based faq system is useful for
garnering text suggestions and questions. But we're gonna' want something
that looks more formalized (and that can be put onto paper) for those
"more stuffy" folks.


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