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Do we want to do this? The first deadline is TODAY.


At 1:27 PM -0800 12/24/03, Arthur Keller wrote:
>This appears to be a wonderful opportunity for a follow up demo for
>OVC to the one we're doing in California in January.
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>Subject: (DBWORLD) Tech Demos Needed for Congress. NetCaucus 7th
>Annual Tech Fair.
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>(Forwarded by Arnie Rosenthal. Sorry for the short notice.)
>Subject: Tech Demos Needed for Congress. NetCaucus 7th Annual Tech Fair.
>From: Jeff Grove <jeff_grove@ACM.ORG>
>USACM is a member of the Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Committee
>(ICAC). Accordingly, we have been invited to submit demo proposals for the
>upcoming Technology Fair in February. Please reply to me if you have a
>Jeff Grove
>ACM Policy Director
>>Call for Internet technology demonstrations for Members of Congress, staff
>>and other government officials. Demonstrations will be displayed on
>>Capitol Hill on February 11, 2004 at the 7th Annual Congressional Internet
>>Caucus Advisory Committee (ICAC) Kickoff Reception and Technology Fair.
>>We have begun our search for demonstrators for the 2004 Congressional
>>Internet Caucus Technology Fair -- scheduled for Wednesday, February 11,
>>2004 in the Hart Senate Office Building in Washington, DC.
>>The goal of this annual tech fair is to bring cutting-edge technology
>>demonstrations to Capitol Hill that illustrate the power and flexibility
>>of the Internet as medium for communications, commerce, and democracy.
>>These hands-on demonstrations help illustrate some of the pressing policy
>>issues that face Congress.
>>Last year over 600 people attended the Kickoff, including Members of
>>Congress, Congressional staff, press and representatives from the FCC,
>>DoC, FTC and private sector organizations. If you have an Internet-related
>>technology that you would like to demonstrate to Congress and to other
>>government policymakers, please submit your proposal to our Review
>>Committee by following the instructions below. Please forward this message
>>on to any colleagues or friends that may have such demonstrations.
>>DEMONSTRATION PROPOSALS/HOW TO APPLY: For the 7th annual Internet Caucus
>>Kickoff Reception and Technology Fair, please submit your demonstration
>>proposal by filling out the attached Excel submission form
>>(kickoff_demo.xls) and sending it via e-mail to The
>>first deadline for submissions is Wednesday, January 7, 2004. The final
>>deadline for submissions is Wednesday, January 21, 2004. We do have space
>>limitations so we will not be able to accommodate all proposals. If your
>>demonstration is not selected in the first round it will be reviewed in
>>the second round of selections. Approved demonstrators will be required to
>>pay a nominal coordination charge (exceptions will be made for government
>>and selected non-profit demonstrators -- contact Vanessa Camozzi at
>>202-638-4370 with questions).
>>GENERAL DEMONSTRATION CRITERIA: The Internet Caucus Tech Fair Review
>>Committee will use some general criteria to prioritize certain demos for
>>the Tech Fair. The Review Committee will favor certain demos that relate
>>to pressing Internet policy issues (DRM technologies met this criteria in
>>the 2003 selection process). Also, demonstrations that are hands-on or
>>visually illustrative are generally favored. The Review Committee is
>>comprised of a balanced group of ICAC volunteers. Demonstrations of both
>>commercial products/services -- and non-commercial ones -- that "serve the
>>public interest" will be given priority. This criterion is interpreted
>>broadly to include innovative Internet technologies that empower
>>individuals (with services or information), enable citizens to access
>>information and resources that were once unreachable, and facilitate
>>workforce placement, community building and market development. These
>>technologies could be applied to application areas such as: 1) Shopping,
>>2) Investing, 3) Health Care, 4) Public Safety/Security, 5) Education, 6)
>>Consumer/Citizen Awareness, 7) Access to Government Information, etc.
>>Please contact Vanessa Camozzi at 202.638.4370 if you have any questions.
>>Thank you - Tim Lordan
>>About the Tech Fair:
>>The Internet Caucus Tech Fair is an annual event hosted on Capitol Hill to
>>start out the season for the Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory
>>Committee. It is typically hosted from 5 to 7 in the evening and features
>>over 20 different Internet technologies. Attendees are comprised mainly of
>>Congressional staff, Members of Congress, representatives from federal
>>agencies and private sector representatives. Attendees review
>>demonstrations in an expo-type format at their leisure. The evening is
>>accented by comments from Members of Congress and top government
>>officials. In past years the event has been host to roughly 600 attendees.
>>Links to past Tech Fairs
>>2003 (
>>2002 (
>>2001 (
>>2000 (
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