RE: Where'd the FAQ webpage go?

From: Alex Burgel <alex_at_chachacharming_dot_com>
Date: Tue Jan 06 2004 - 21:48:15 CST

as for hosts, don't forget that we have

it was generously provided for us by, it has these features:

right now, there is a PHP guestbook on it, but i haven't had time to make it
look pretty yet.


On 1/6/04, said:

>Sorry, I was offline (travelling with family, lotsa fun) until today. If
>anyone needs to contact me, use my cell phone, 917/453-0700.
>The FAQ system looks fine -- my guess is that the ISP had some sort of
>problem that had the database down temporarily.
>I'd be happy to move the FAQ engine to anywhere that we can run PHP web
>pages and a MySQL database. I also see that Karl has been working in an HTML
>file. Should I move that info into the FAQ database, or are we going to use
>an HTML file instead of the FAQ system?
>- LP
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>> I was starting to work on the FAQ and discovered that all the stuff at
>> has disappeared.
>> Where'd it go?
>Good question. Laird? Come in Laird.
>FYI, we have a new server besides Actually, I would like to
>shut down It's enough that we own the domain.
>Alan D.
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