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From: Karl Auerbach <karl_at_cavebear_dot_com>
Date: Sun Jan 04 2004 - 20:24:03 CST

I've been offline for a bit, but I've picked up the threads on the FAQ and
white paper.

In case we need it, I've got a spare machine up and running (and on the
net.) We can use for whatever purposes we need. (And it's on an
address block that I control, so no arcane DNS or NAT incantations are

It's running Linux Fedora Core 1 with current patches. It is adequate but
not studly - 600mhz PIII with 256Mbytes and 80gigs of disk.

Its attachment to the net is 750kbit/sec (symmetrical) SDSL.

It's not behind a firewall or NAT, but there are a fair number of filters
in the ingress router and also in its IPtables. As a general matter, the
only access from the outside is smtp, http, dns, and ssh. We can open
things up a bit more if necessary, but I'd have to be convinced that an
SSH tunnel couldn't serve as well.

It's name is unibus.cavebear.com. (And of course we can add virtual web
servers and such under an openvoting domain name.)


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