New Year's Message From Alan and Lori Dechert

From: Alan Dechert <alan_at_openvotingconsortium_dot_org>
Date: Thu Jan 01 2004 - 13:01:09 CST

Below is a message I am sending to friends and relatives. It's somewhat
redundant for voting-project list members, but I thought I'd send it anyway.

A lot of things have happened in our household recently. For one thing, as
of today we have relocated. Our new address is 9560 Windrose Lane in
Granite Bay.

I think our phone number will be the same but we haven't set that up yet.
Actually, we are in the process of moving today and should finish on Sunday
the 4th.

The big news for us continues to be the voting modernization project. What
started as a sidelight three years ago, has taken over our lives. A year
ago, we had a handful of tentative supporters -- all somewhat discouraged by
turns of events. Today, we have a small army of supporters around the world
and a formal organizational structure engineered to accomplish our goals.

We still have a few things to do before we reach the popular media. Our web
site is rudimentary, but we have signed-on, starting today, a great graphic
artist and web designer, Chris Gates (see ). Our
demonstration voting software is mostly done. Both the web site and
software demo should be ready for prime time in a matter of a few weeks. A
lot of media people have already expressed interest in seeing our demo.

As of 12 December 03, I am president and CEO of the OPEN VOTING CONSORTIUM,
INC. (made official at Dec 30 OVC board meeting).

My Vice President and CTO is Doug Jones of the U of Iowa
Doug is a world renowned expert in voting technology, often quoted in the
media such as the NYT.

VP and COO/CFO is Arthur Keller of UC Santa Cruz

Amit Sahai of Princeton has come on board as a director

The newest director to join is Peter Maggs of the U of IL

Other prominent people in computer science, law, political science,
economics, government, and psychology will be coming on board in the coming

The first OVC board meeting was conducted today with the initial directors.
Among other things, we adopted the bylaws here. It's revision 32 that was

We also formally voted in Amit Sahai and Peter Maggs as directors, and
formally installed Arthur Keller, Doug Jones, and Alan Dechert to their
respective positions as officers of the corporation.

Here is the initial resolution and minutes of the meeting:

Just so you'll know, I am ditching AOL soon so please don't use our AOL
address. I am now Lori is

Best wishes and Happy New Year!

Alan Dechert
9560 Windrose Lane
Granite Bay, CA 95746
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