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Date: Thu Feb 18 2010 - 12:42:29 CST

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Subject: VoterGA Legislative Update - DRE ban bill, ballot access bills
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VoterGA Supporters,

On Tuesday, Representative Tim Bearden introduced a bi-partisan bill that
would ban existing unverifiable electronic voting equipment in Georgia and
provide for Georgia voters to use optical scan voting on Election Day.
Co-sponsors currently include Karla Drenner, Austin Scott, Barry Loudermillk
and Bobby Franklin. More are expected this week.

While many of us have been technology neutral in regards to voting machines,
this bill seems to have everything that all E-voting rights activists have
wanted. The provisions of this bill are:

· It eliminates Direct Recording Electronic voting in Georgia which
currently has no means to be audited;

· It eliminates lever machine voting which has no means to produce a

· It provides for precinct level audits to verify that optical scan
tabulations are correct;

· It requires recounts to be conducted by hand to ensure that
original election results were correct;

· It defines a ballot as paper only so that it can be verified,
audited and recounted properly;

· It provides a consistent means of voting for absentee and Election
Day voters;

· It removes potentially unconstitutional language in the current
Georgia Election Code;

The next step in the legislative process is for this bill to have a hearing
in the House Governmental Affairs Committee. Upon conclusion of the hearing
the committee will vote to table the bill or move it to the Rules Committee
which can then choose to move it to the House floor for a full House vote.
If you would like for the bill to be heard (or not) you can express your
request to chairman Mark Hamilton or his assistant Pam Norwood at 770
844-6768 or mark.hamilton@house.ga.gov.

You can also express your request to the other committee members. Their
names and contact information can be found at:


The overview of the bill is located here:


The full text of the bill is:



The same House Governmental Affairs Committee members are also considering
the HB1141 ballot access bill introduced by Bobby Reese. HB 1141 reduces the
statewide petitioning limit for an independent candidate from 1% of
registered voters (about 40,000+ signatures) to 5,000 total signatures. You
can weigh in on this bill too when you contact the House Government Affairs
chairman and committee members previously mentioned.

Another ballot access bill has been introduced in the Senate by David
Shafer. This bill allows any political body whose candidate gets one percent
of the vote in a previous election to have ballot access in all races.
Currently access is only given for statewide races. The bill also allows an
independent political body (Green Party, Constitution Party, Libertarians)
to nominate the candidate of a major political party (Republicans,
Democrats) as their candidate. If they choose to nominate such a candidate,
the independent political bodies do not get credit for the votes received by
the “Fusion candidate” towards their own ballot access requirements.

The Senate bill was assigned to the Ethics Committee rather than the State
and Local Governmental Operations Committee. The chairman of that committee
is Dan Moody. His contact information is 404 463-8055, *
*The committee member’s contact information can be found at:


* *

If both of these bills were to pass it would be a significant improvement
for independent candidates. A more comprehensive ballot access bill will
also be introduced in the coming weeks and I will keep you posted on that.


404 664-4044 CL


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