Re: Bowen opposes legislative proposal

From: Richard Dawson <rcdawson_at_att_dot_net>
Date: Tue Feb 03 2009 - 08:34:58 CST

On Tuesday 03 February 2009 01:51:35 Arthur Keller wrote:
> At 9:35 PM -0800 1/27/09, Richard Dawson wrote:
> >I for one am extremely disappointed in the Secretary of State's decision
> > to not support a bill that would, at essentially no cost to the state,
> > remove the financial barrier that impedes progress towards implementation
> > of an open-source voting system in California. The fact that Debra Bowen
> > campaigned as a strong advocate of open source software just makes my
> > disappointment more bitter.
> >
> >I was personally assured by Ms. Bowen that she would support the use of
> > open source software in California's elections.
> You are assuming that Ms. Bowen has changed her mind regarding
> supporting open source. We do not have evidence that such is the
> case. All we have evidence of is that Ms. Bowen does not support
> creating an exception or a special process for open source.
> Best regards,
> Arthur

I am still assuming that Ms. Bowen recognizes the benefits of open source.
Furthermore, I am generally satisfied with Ms. Bowen's service as Secretary
of State (and previously as my assembly member and then senator.) My
disappointment arises from what appears to me to be a lack of aggressive
action to encourage development of an open source solution to for vote
collecting and tabulation.

What she has done, and I only realized recently, is to include weighting
favoring open source software in the evaluation of proposals for the
statewide voter registration database that is now in the request for proposal
state. It is probably too late to meet the deadlines for proposals, but the
request is up on the website for any who might be up to the challenge.

This could be the foot in the door open source needs. Would OVC be able to
take it on? Perhaps an extension for proposals could be granted.

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