Re: Can I suggest a re-think?

From: Arthur Keller <voting_at_kellers_dot_org>
Date: Tue Feb 03 2009 - 04:05:03 CST

At 11:15 PM -0700 1/28/09, Jim March wrote:
>2) Change gears and come up with a FOSS-based system for doing
>post-election scanning of paper ballots in the "Humboldt County"
>style. That includes scanning, organizing, CD burning and possibly
>even web-packaging (automated online layouts for the ballots). All
>the parts are off-the-shelf in terms of hardware and software, such as
>the SANE project for scanner drivers...we're not talking "application
>development" so much as we are a pretty front end to existing code.
>This would be a foot in the door for a well-packaged, easy-to-use FOSS
>solution, and since it's not a tabulator or anything the voters
>interface with it doesn't need certification at the Federal level.
>Might even be able to get Canonical or Red Hat in as an OVC member,
>which would be way cool.
>I can tell you that Humboldt-style scanning will be a major push for
>BBV this year, and the success of the Humboldt test project means this
>will be an easy sell. I'll be pushing hard for this in Pima County AZ
>and I think we'll get it here before the 2010 cycle.
>Ponder this, guys. It would get a real functional product into the
>field quickly, and boost our credibility for a push beyond that.
>Hardware used for post-election ballot scanning now could be easily
>recycled later into scanning and tabulating the mail-in vote when OVC
>has a whole-election in terms of hardware buy-in,
>Humboldt-style scanning leads into bigger things later.

I would support option 2, particularly as it can lead to a component
of a Federally certified open source voting system using the
architecture I outlined (as contrasted with the Dechert
architecture). I'm willing to help make that happen.

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