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From: Edward Cherlin <echerlin_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Wed Feb 06 2008 - 16:10:59 CST

Will any of our Python coders be at PyCon next month? I would like to
organize an Open Voting code sprint, not only to get some work done,
but to introduce the rest of the Python community to what we are


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Hi all!

There will be two pre-sprint sessions that will be run on Sunday
afternoon, after the end of the conference talks.

- Intro to Sprinting (60 minutes, at 3:20 pm)

This will be a plenary session, and will begin with a talk explaining
what sprints are and how we do them at PyCon, followed by a panel
discussion where the sprint leaders will answer questions.

Brett Cannon will lead this session; I'm sure he will distribute us
some hints regarding these questions, so you sprint leaders can be
prepared before. If you have any problem to participate in this
session, please tell me ASAP.

- Sprint Tutorials (90 minutes to 3 hours, at 4:40 pm)

After a break, participating sprint leaders will gather the sprinters
of their projects, go to different rooms, and the project will be
explained. Everything from code walkthroughs to granting repository
access can be presented here. This way, you'll be able to start
working on the sprints effectively on Monday morning, without a long
setup delay.

You should really prepare this in advance. This is a great opportunity
to start the sprints already running, and not from a cold start.

As maybe people will participate in your sprints by IRC, you should
make public any material you prepare, and make it enough explicit so
remote developers can understand it.

Any question, feel free to ask me.

Thank you!! And happy coding, :)

.    Facundo
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