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Date: Tue Feb 05 2008 - 09:25:16 CST

E-Vote: GAO Says Improvements in Voting Accessibility, but
Gaps Remain
Jan 31, 2008, By Wayne Hanson

"Since the passage of HAVA and the subsequent 2004 election," said the GAO in a report released
today, "we have identified a number of reported efforts taken to improve voting
access for people with disabilities. In particular, our 2006 report on election
systems shows a marked increase in state provisions addressing the accessibility
of polling places, voting systems, and alternative voting methods. However, the
degree of change in accessibility is difficult to determine, in part because
thousands of jurisdictions have primary responsibility for managing elections
and ensuring an accurate vote count, and the complexity of the election system
does not ensure that these provisions and reported practices are reflective of
what occurs at polling places on election day.

"Understanding and
addressing accessibility gaps represent enormous tasks for state and local
election officials who are challenged by the multiplicity of responsibilities
and requirements they must attend to within resource constraints," continued the
report. "At the same time, as the population ages and the percentage of voters
with disabilities expands, the expectation of accommodation and assistance to
participate in this basic civic exercise will grow, making accessibility a key
performance goal for our election community."

The report focuses on the
elderly, transportation, physical barriers and alternate methods of voting.

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