AB 852 -- New OVC-Sponsored CA Assembly Bill

From: Alan Dechert <dechert_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Sat Feb 24 2007 - 19:09:21 CST

Here's a little more information on top of what I sent to our announcements

The number is AB 852. It's called the SAFE Elections Bill. We cannot amend
for thirty days but we can start working on the amendments now. We will add
co-authors at the first round of amendments. Lloyd Levine has signed on as
Principal Co-Author.

Like AB 2097 last year, it would require disclosure of source code (and
details about all related hardware and software) upon state certification.
Unlike AB 2097, it will only apply to new certifications. Also, we want to
provide an incentive for vendors that use true open source (free) software.
I have proposed a break on certification costs.

We have not yet arrived at language that Secretary of State Bowen can fully
support. There is some work to do, but I'm confident we can get something
she can back.

The first hearing will probably be in April -- I don't see how we can get
the amendments done soon enough to schedule it for March.

The bill language can be found here:

Or here in PDF form:

Joe Hall, Dow Patten, Danese Cooper, and Brian Behlendorf contributed to the
"open source" definition. Thanks!

The bill needs some work. The incentive I am trying to give to open source
vendors may not be workable (Bowen has problem with it). See SEC 2 (h). It
implies some work with no funding for it (state would do testing and
certification for Open Source systems). I think it will be difficult to get
funding in the bill (would require two-thirds vote, and Republicans will be
tough to sell on it). So, I'm looking for some other incentive that won't
cost the state much, if anything.

I am expecting AB 852 to pass.

Alan D.

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